Digital transformation at Cao Ngan Thermal Power Company: Leveraging inventory, maintenance, and operational log modules.

In the energy industry, Cao Ngan Thermal Power Company is actively driving the digital transformation to enhance operational efficiency and management across various production units. By implementing modules for inventory management, maintenance, and operational logs, the company has achieved better organization and control in daily activities for the operating, repair, and technical departments.

1. Inventory Management Module:
The inventory management module assists Cao Ngan Thermal Power Company in controlling and managing data related to goods, materials, and crucial equipment within their production units. Some features and benefits of this module include:

Multi-warehouse, multi-location management: Suitable for businesses with complex inventory management processes.

Batch and serial tracking: Enables tracking of expiration dates even for items received in batches or with unique serial numbers.

Inventory tracking: Allows the company to monitor inventory quantities, values, and statuses of each item.

Order management: Provides the capability to place and process orders, from creating purchase orders to tracking shipment and receiving goods.

Inventory checks and audits: Assists the company in conducting regular inventory checks and audits to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

2. Maintenance Module:
The maintenance module plays a vital role in maintaining the performance and reliability of equipment in the production units. Features and advantages of this module encompass:

Maintenance scheduling: It allows scheduling regular maintenance for critical equipment and systems, ensuring timely upkeep and repairs.

Maintenance tracking: Records maintenance tasks performed, including time, technicians, materials used, and inspection results.
Reporting and analysis: Provides statistical reports and analysis on maintenance performance to facilitate decision-making and process optimization.

3. Operational Log Module:
The operational log module enables Cao Ngan Thermal Power Company to record and track daily activities within their production units. Features and benefits of this module include:
Work logging: Technicians can create logs for each task or assignment within the production units, including information on time, progress, and results.

Document attachments: Allows attaching and storing crucial documents related to tasks, maintenance, and repairs.
Retrieval and search: Easy access to information in the operational log to monitor job history and address related issues.

In conclusion, by implementing inventory management, maintenance, and operational log modules, Cao Ngan Thermal Power Company harnesses the advantages of digital transformation to enhance the management and operations of their production units. Improved organization and control enhance operational efficiency and ensure safety in the operation and maintenance processes of their equipment.

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Hoàng Hồng Vân 19 July, 2023
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