Introducing the Zalo Ecosystem Integrated into Odoo: Maximizing Sales and Customer Engagement

Zalo ecosystem is an integrated application developed to connect Zalo, a popular chat and social networking app in Vietnam, with Odoo, a comprehensive enterprise management system. This ecosystem enables businesses to harness the power of Zalo for creating and managing marketing campaigns, customer interactions, and boosting sales through Zalo.

Here are some of the main modules in the Zalo ecosystem integrated into Odoo:

Zalo Connection Module: This module allows you to connect Zalo with your Odoo system to manage contact information and interact with customers via Zalo.

 You can purchase or download the module here

Zalo Chat Module: You can directly interact with your customers through the Zalo chat module from within Odoo, reducing response time and making communication more convenient.

Zalo Sale Module: This module integrates Zalo Sale features into Odoo, helping you manage the sales process on Zalo, from creating sales opportunities, tracking order progress, to recording sales figures.


Zalo Notification Module: You can use this module to send notifications to your list of Zalo customers through Odoo. This can be used to inform customers about promotions, events, product updates, or other important information.

Zalo Template Module:
This module allows you to create and manage Zalo message templates to streamline the process of sending notifications and messages. You can customize the content, images, and delivery schedule.

Zalo Marketing Messaging Module: You can create and execute direct marketing campaigns on Zalo, sending marketing messages according to a schedule or in response to customer interactions.

Each of these modules provides specific features within the Zalo ecosystem integrated into Odoo, helping businesses optimize the management of customer interactions on Zalo and enhance marketing and sales activities through the Zalo platform.

The Zalo ecosystem integrated into Odoo helps businesses optimize customer interaction management on Zalo and enhance marketing and sales activities through this platform. This can lead to improved business performance and the establishment of stronger customer relationships.

Dear customers, you can purchase or download the main module here:
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Hoàng Hồng Vân 9 November, 2023
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