Continuing Software Deployment for Than Na Duong Company - Progress by MID Vietnam

MID Vietnam continues its collaboration with Than Na Duong Company in deploying specialized software to enhance safety and production efficiency. We are committed to contributing to the success and sustainable development of the company. Below are the significant improvements we have introduced in the next phase of the project:

Job Content: Safety Content Verification Demo
1. Safety Assessment
Safety always takes top priority at Than Na Duong Company. We have developed specialized software to verify safety content before employees engage in their work shifts. This ensures that everyone understands and adheres to safety regulations.

2. Set of multiple choice questions
The safety assessment includes multiple-choice questions related to workplace safety and basic safety rules. To enter a shift, employees must achieve a certain number of correct answers in this assessment. This ensures that all employees have basic knowledge and a sense of responsibility for safety.

3. Daily Changing Question Sets
We understand the importance of diversity and engagement in the assessment process. Therefore, we have enhanced the system to provide daily changes in the question sets. This encourages employees not only to follow safety protocols but also to explore new knowledge, continuously focusing on improving workplace safety.

Upgrading Production Command Module
1. Adding Disposal Location and Safety Belt Columns
We have upgraded the production command module to provide convenient conditions for both managers and employees. Additionally, we have added fields for disposal location and safety belt information. This helps managers easily track the location of product units and ensures that they are correctly placed for safety during production.

2. Red Color and Notifications for Unconfirmed Orders
To reduce the risk of incidents and enhance production management, we have introduced a feature that highlights unconfirmed production orders in red and sends immediate notifications. This ensures that all tasks are carried out correctly and efficiently.

3. Viewing Time for Production Orders
We maintain the viewing time for production orders at under 90 seconds to ensure that everyone works efficiently and remains focused on their tasks. This enhances productivity and product quality while ensuring that all tasks are completed on time.

We hope that these improvements will contribute to the sustainable development of Than Na Duong Company, making the work environment safer and more efficient than ever before. MID Vietnam is honored to be a part of this progress.

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Hoàng Hồng Vân 11 September, 2023
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